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Friday, August 22, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

card gdHi Everybody !

I am proud to annonced that we have a web page new on Face book ! Each week i will have motivationnal quotes and new experiences that i have tried in sales ! You want to learn more just like my page on Face book !

MTGD  ( Simple and true )

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Become sherlock and anticipate your boss moves !

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

sherlock !!!!!!Ok you are working in sales and you know your job by heart ! But any boss that has employees thinks they should be doing even more !So the question is do you know what  your hidden task !

You got to put yourself in his shoes ! Why do you say ! Any bisness hace standart cost ( bills , dedlines plus a huge amount of pressure to go with that ! ) But what happens when he has a bad day ! You become the easy target ! Why you ARE THE NECESSARY EVIL  in his bisness !

Here is what you need to do to prevent a bomb in your face ! Open up your eyes on things to be done in the bisness ! Your hidden task are hidding in there !

A) Keep your office and files clean !( top notch )

B) keep a record of your sales from this year and 2 years behind ! ( to show your on top mof things )

C) Keep a record of all your strategies you took to increase sales !

D) help with clients if the service department needs you ! ( you got to be helpfull ! don’ t forget people talks in the office   )

E) Better yourself by learning parts and warranty  ! ( nobody will be able to do what you do ! you can do it all ! )

F) Help co – workers if they need advice ! ( your a team player remember ! )

The basic of all this is simple ! if you do more then what you are asked ! He can put you a bomb in your face you are already doing it all and more !! Take the upper advantage ! Become sherlock !


Beny jets Gravel !




Be clear ! Its your reputation on the line !

Friday, June 13, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

mentaltrue salesIts been a while but i am back !  Ready with all new stuff to talk to you about ! You know what agravates me the most today ! People are not clear true saleswtrue saleshen they give info !

Situation my dog was sick this week i call the vet !I ask the lady what should i do ! what is the steps before i bring you my furry friend.

Them : She say just bring him !!!

Me : I say no he his fine just pass me the vet please !

Them : Just bring him and we will check her out !

Me : like i said earlier pass me the vet please !

The vet : he gives me four steps before bringing my dog !

Me : Thank you so much i will do that and will bring her if it doesn’ t work !

What did he do better than the vet help !

A) He gave great advice and showed me he wasn’ t there just for the money !

B) since he help me even after it cost me 150 bucks i knew what i was getting into !

C) i will always be loyal to that clinic ( that is called keeping your local clients )

D) i will refer him to other of my friends !( word to mouth always the best publicity )


So the lesson here is be clear and you will have clients like crazy ! seems easy right ! just check arround you and you will see its a big problem today !



Beny jets Gravel !!!!




What is your boss motivational incentive !

Friday, March 7, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

Hi everybody ! So we are in march bisness will pick up ! Question ! What kind of motivational incentice your boss often use on you and your co – workers !motivation-sign1

They are 3 kinds of incentives use !

A) Fear : this is often use with catch phrase that play with the mind !

– the direct  in your face : if your numbers are not up your fired ! ( not a good one )

– the indirect one : sales are down !  Maybe they will be some layoff ! ( same as the other but less direct )

– don’t forget the classic : This is your last chance !

Never forget one thing ! if you are at the same place for 2 years and up this is just to kick your ass not fire you !


B)  Competition : in every bisness often the boss as many location and will use these lines on you  !

– the direct in your face : They are less experience than you and beating your ass blind !

– the  indirect one : i don’ t understand they are less than you plus less experience and have better numbers look at this and tell me why !

Never forget he is using the same line for all his location ! even if it is not true !


C) Path on the back : sadly the one that is not used enough because in their minds if they tell you it will cost them a bonus  !

– direct in your face : continue on ! good job !

– the indirect one : take a day off you deserve it !

Never forget this is not used enough ! it is up to you to tell him that you like that , tell him  about team work and work atmosphere maybe he will use it more !


Ps : Don’ t forget most boss will tell you you are not good enough !but most of them can not do half of all your sales because they are just good in numbers and paperwork ! Funny is ‘nt it !




Benny and the jets !



Email shoppers ! Make them call you !

Friday, February 14, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

email vs social mediaHappy st – valentine everybody ! Here is a nice one for you ! In this wacky world there are many shoppers by e – mail . But what to do if they don t give you there number ! Here is what you can do !


A) on all ads put a kick ass price and only put your phone number ( ons your adds )!!  ( they won’ t have a choice but to call you ! )


B) if they ask what’ s the price on that model ! ( ask has many questions has you can ! They won ‘ t have a choice but to call because it will put jump their  curiousity to know more before buying ! )


C) if they just say a price on that give the basic model no options ! ( the competition won’ t buy there word ! So they will keep there price up !!!!)


D) Keep the general information to a minimum ! ( write to learn more call us at this number !)


M.T.G.D ( making today a great day !)


Beny jets Gravel  !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To you !!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

I wanted to say thanks to all of you my readers ! I love posting stuff on sales and life improvement on the net , My Book thats reflects what i think and am will be out this year ! If you like what i write you will be in for a treat its 20 years of my life all the good stuff in one i promise the best sales book that you have read !

I wish you health , love  but more than that just appreciating the small things in life makes it all worth living for !!

exemple : Yesterday went to get me a bagle you know the maple cinnamon kind and they were 1 left  ! lol    i was so happy it was like the best gift in the world ! A women came up to me happy justs for a bagle strarting to laught with me ! So i said yes mam they are always out at this hour and now i got one ! ( thats is enjoying the small things of life ) !

Merry Chistrednosemas again my friends !


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