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Be always Steady !!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

This a simple word of advice : in the sales world we live in it is always a competition with others and yourself !

For a boss you got to be always up and running , you can sell a million in february that equals what they did last year in december , january , february

But the truth is in the end he will say what have you done for me lately !!!

So in sales you got to be always one step foward me when i sold trailers i sold 20 in stock and 15 ordered that will be ready in a month so each month i would sell min 30  ALWAYS STABLE !!  But if you sell all of them in the same month and you sell only 10 the next the  month ( he will say are you slaking )

So lesson here is always prepare the next month ahead of time !!! keep some for next month and you will be always looked as the more constant ansd the best in sales

Major Differences !!! ( motivation )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

We all know that  what we think can create !!! well this is important

There are 3 major differences in life you got to understand to be happy and and to be the best at what  you do ( in sales and personnal !! )

A) intelligence : if you ask anybody the question  are you intelligent ? we all will say yes  i am , but for me it s not a question of I.Q my mentor always said if you are happy and satisfied in your work you are intelligent .

B) knowledge : you can know all the things in the world have 3 bachelor degree it wont make you better than the one that has not any degree ( it only shows a boss you can work hard ) in sales .why because some guys are salesman  in there  bloodthey are  true  saleman by heart !!

 C)Experience : My dad always said there is an easy way or a hard way in life exemple : you can study earn a degree or work your ass off and get better until you are paid and recognized for it !! ( i saw alot of guys that could sell a pencil to a boss and guys with degree that did nt know what to say !! )

The facts of all this are simple if you can controle your life and all arround it and be happy ( NOBODY WILL STOP YOU CAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST )

This is just a piece of motivation next post will be on sales tips !!

True salesman !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In this world there is less and less true salesman !!

My word of advice for you is simple  : there are  five steps

 A)  be truthfull :  you listen to your client and say it as it is !!

b) ask him the correct questions  example : really sir between you and me what is really your budjet not what everybody tells you it  worth what do you really wanted to pay !! why i ask simple because  i want to give you exaclty what you need and if possible at your price ( HE WILL TELL YOU IT GARANTEE  !!! )


c) know your competition by heart ( their prices, the product itself ALL OF IT !! ) people craves knowledge they want to better themselve

d) sell them what they need not what your making more money on  ( if the guy wants  a  toyota don t try to sell them a Cadillac !!)

e) At the end he got to consider you as a friend not a salesman ( a good salesman will help him and if he will reffer  you to his friends and  people arround him  he will say  ( hey that ( your name ) he is a great guy he really  knows his stuff he is the best in is field !!!!

Its hard to get a more and more clients  : word to mouth to talk about you to all their suroundings but with these steps ( you will be the greatest thing since slice bread !!! )