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Are you dressed for success ? ( a fact )

Monday, February 28, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I know for many this is not important , that is where you are WRONG !!

For the last 100 years a salesman had to look as one ! I think this dressed code is over rated . Forget the suit and tie if you are in retail , why do you ask ? simple people wants to know you as a person ( let me explain !! )

First of all : these day in age the clients wants to see a normal person !! I do not mean dressed in blue jeans  and t shirt  , seriously they what to see black or gray jeans with a nice lacoste  shirt  ( only an idee you chose  ) . A suit and tie tells them i am here to sell , i need money !!! in the other hand it shows that you are equal to them  and you are there to help them make the right choice FOR THERE REASON !!!

If you look at the picture that i put  in  my icon  ( people ) of my webs site , i am dressed casual . People more relax with me !!!

So to recap this article waht are the 4 points simple !

A) They see you as an equal not superior

B) they are more relax ( to tell you what they want !! )

C) They see you has a consultant not a insurance salesman

D) and you just succed in breaking the old saleman look  !!

Have a great day ! ( M.T.G.D )

From :  beny and the jets !!!

clients R US !!! ( understanding )

Friday, February 25, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

After 20 years now of clients i think  i ‘ve seen nearly all of the types !! Some won t make your job easy they will make it a living hell ( im not joking here )

Here are the 4 types of client that you will encounter

A) The Analyst : this client got to know everything in order to close him you will have to know your stuff by heart and don t fool yourself he went everywhere and chances are he knows more then you ( stay calm and tell him what he wants  to know don t anty up , if you don t know what you are saying !!!!

B) The cheaper the better guy : if the guy wants a deal , right in the beginning or a use ( don t try to sell an expensive one ) chances are he spent 500 dollars of gas to save 50 bucks , you close him with a deal that is good but not too highly price !!!

C) the scared and not sure guy : he is looking not really ready yet but will ask alot of questions and will talk of his life for 30 min before telling you what he needs to close you got to take nearly the decision for him depending on his answer , ask the right questions , get the answer and show him what he needs for his    reason !!!

D) The Hyper active guy : this guy knows everythings and the same time not !!! this guy is a juice taker , don t let him take controle you got to take control from the start , he will want to see ALL that you have at any price exemple : i got 15000 dollars for a car after he tells you show me a cadillac deville at 60000 what you got to do : listen sir you got a budjet of 15000 but you want a cadillac , you would be better with a use car but fully loaded look i have a 2006 bmw MINT !!! he will like it  , cause its what he needs prestigious and its in his budjet

So do your homework !!


From me : Beny and the Jets !!         

Going the extra mile !! ( important )

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Let me just say first of that nothnig is rock bottom !! Many people will not go the extra mile why ? simple cause it does nt pay at the beginning it takes time to do !!!


Here is what you need to do in order to achieve  greatness in this field that i call home !

A) Listen after give the client special attention why ? because everybody likes to feel like their kings . Remember the song in the tv series (cheers ) when they say : you want to be where you can see people are all the same you want to go where everyone knows you name !!!

B) Last but no least try ALWAYS to get an extra for the client a litle gift that will say  : hey remember me !!!

Don t forget tell all the people you know that can use help that this web site can and will help them in life or sales !!

Don t forget i believe in one thing and that is you !!!

M( aking ) T ( oday ) G ( reat)  D (ay )

from me : Beny and the Jets !

what did you do for yourself lately!! ( motivation )

Friday, February 18, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

We all know that motivation comes from the heart !!! I have a question for all of you ? what do you love to do or get to please yourself ? hmm good question that most people don t think of !!! I got to tell you if you don t know the answer  is not good .

I am a sales manager of a small bisness i started from scratch after 3 years my growth is about 2 500 000 of sales  for a boss who ad the cash and he hired me to do so ! but what next ?

well i started this ,  plus  i get myself every two weeks a nice bottle of wine at 43 dollars a pop plus. I love go to the gym its a good thechnic for getting peace of mind . 

My point is if you work all the time and don t give yourself a break or gift that you love how can you perform ? you will go crazy , so say to yourself i deserve this why because i earned it !!!!

what do i believe in ? i believe in you all so go for it and don t forget yourself !!!

Beny and the jets !!  



Special thanks !! ( and sales tip )

Friday, February 18, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I would like to say thanks to all for reading what i think should be correct way of selling : to pass my message , if you think this site  could help more of your friends and people you know just pass it on , there is great new stuff comming .  i believe we all can make a difference in life this is how i chose to do it .

I got alot of nick names one that is popular is : Beny and the jets






Keeping the interest ( sales tips )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In our way there are always helpfull trick to keeping a client interested in your product !!!

As we all know clients craves in our time the info they want good price and a good product !!

But there is always a way of keeping the interest of the client

 A) always keep some information they might need exemple on the internet you have already replied his request on price and info , you send him another e mail saying  :  Did you know i got a new model and it s better and cheapper call me or come and see me !!! ( got to be done after 1 week max !! )

 B) another  thing to remember  some clients wants in a good used one , if you know a client that  wants to sell you his keep his name after  you send an e- mail to the one that needs a good use and you say:  i just got info that one of my clients wants to sell his !!!!( he will call you back faster than a speeding bullet !!)

C) the key word is always being true to them and to yourself , if you are he will call you back why because the others was not !!

like i always say ( M.T.G.D ) gd  making today a great day  !!