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Hunting season !!! ( sales tips )

Thursday, February 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In this world we live the competition in sales is hard !!!! In the restaurants , cars , retail in any stores this is one tip you got to understand .

A) People are shoppers today they Will go the extra mile for what they want !!  ( Find where he lives WHY YOU SAY !! because there gonna buy most of the time close by for the warranty and service so don t drop your pants right away !!

B) you got to be great they must not like you  , they must  LOVE you( any client is gonna buy for the person they like !!

C) People  wants to know , they want a guy or girl that know there stuff by HEART !! they want to learn so be that teacher the best one !

And this is the tricky part : since like i told you they are shoppers i told you don t drop your pants ! well if you give your best price at the beginning you know what you are giving him !!!


He will take that price and the logic of any clients he gonna do at least ( 3 STORES BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING ). So this is what you say : listen sir i hope i gave you all the info you need , for the price i can give a great price for now after you will shop with it and when all is done at the end . COME AND SEE ME I WILL GIVE YOU A GREAT PRICE WHY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BUY AND I WANT TO SELL TO YOU !!

He will be back and he will understand why your doing it !!!

So the lesson here is don t gine him a hunting pass right away and just be the best !!! You will have clients like NO TOMMOROW !!

Aim high and grow !! ( Motivation )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

This is another good fact for sales manager !!!

We all know that a good employee is the key and fondation of a solid salesteam or in any bisness !!

The facts is that we are running out of qualify persons to count on . The new generation are younger and they want more money less hours and bigger advantage quicker even if they start and having shown what they can do yet !!!

For you this is my advice( read this cause mau save you money )

A) A happy employee is a hard working one don t be shy say that he is good and keep up good work !!! an employee is gonna be happier to have a pat on  the back than 2 bucks more and a kick in the ass all the time !!!

B) Tools give your salesman or any employee tools so he is more effective and less tired doing same job !!!! and bring it like this : your doing great work but , if you do this it s gonna be easier for you try it !

C) Once and a while buy then lunch  or something it will cost you less then 5 raise a year !! take care of them do not take them for granted !!!

D)A work place got to be fun , theirs time to have fun and time to work .

( don t be a scrooged !!!! )

Don t forget always changing employees in never good if you got a good team  keep them otherwise it will cost alot of money to find qualify employees and alot money in formation in all the new ones that maybe won t be arround long !!

Be intelligent aim high and grow your bisness !!!