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Do you know how to live ? ( Motivation !)

Sunday, April 17, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I know it is not our favorite subject but this will be brief !! To be a great salesman you got to be  happy outside your job life , live it up !! be true to yourself  ( let me explain ! ) When you feel the need  to have  fun  just do it , but don t go crazy like i always say why because the best do it with class !! Here are the 3 golden rules !

A) Find something to clear your mind ( each morning i go training ) why sound body with a sound mind !!we all know what we like so do it !

B) the key to happiness is not !!! (being rich  or power )it  would help you to have material things !! but materialthings will makes you happy temporarely !! me i m happy drinking a kick ass bottle of wine or just walking in the woods on a beatifull day !! Sound corny try it good for the brain and body and does nt cost nothing !! 

C) Bring fun to the work place , people at my job says that im a litle crazy so , sometimes i make a fool of myself but you know i make poeple laught  and i feel good about it !!! If i feel good I SELL MORE GET IT !!!!

So lesson here here in everything you do live it up do arrived at 60 witrh regrets because life is fun and so short !!!if you don t stop once in while you will miss it !!!


From: Beny and the jets !!

Can you evaluate your clients quickly ?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

As we all know when a client comes in you have maximum 2 min to evaluate if he is serious or not !!! For many salesman this is something that is impossible to do !! Well here is a simple way to know after 2 min !

A) If he ask let s go and see some ( what are you selling ) outside or in ! You say :  wait sir  before we proceed let s sit down and review waht you need ! If he say no he is just looking !!!

B) second question what his your budjet sir !! why because after you know what he needs , you need to know what he want to spend !! why ? it will tell you if its possible to sell him waht he wants at his price !!

C) third question : when do you need it. why you say ! its gonna tell you how much time you will spend with him . If its soon you show him and close him !!if  not you show him your plus and say for the rest  of the pricing sir its all depend on when you buy !! because do to exchange rate and freight, cost of ,material  as a big influence on the price !! He will say thanks and will be back when ready !!

Today i had a client that wanted a horse trailer i did all my steps and after 10 min i knew he wanted to spend only 20000 on a living quarter horse trailer that is worth 35000 bottom line he wanted something used !! But if i had nt check in the beginning i would have spend 1 hour and at the end would have lost my time cause he only wanted to see ( that client was a deamer who had time to spend !! )

So don t forget the best always does it with class ( my mentors favorite saying !! )

My saying : M( aking ) T(ommorow) G(reat ) D(ay )

From   : beny and the jets !!!

Are you judging clients too quick ?

Thursday, April 7, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

This is gonna be a quick one tonight because i just came from a car dealership !! And the sales manager sold me short no kidding i had a white shirt normal jeans and my winter brp coat ! what mistake did he do ? i will tell you

A) He look at me like i was bothering him !! That is insulting nobody like that !

B) I ask ask him for a price on a cadillac ,  he did n t thought i was good for it !! because of my clothing , he look at me from top to bottom  ( i notice it bad !!! )

C) i ask him for a 2008 2009 he offerd me a honda s 2000 on special ( that is not what i ask ) he wasn t listening to me !!!

D) i was polite and said i will  back when they had what i want !! he said  ( ok and left quickly without shacking my hand of nothing bad !!!!

Result : i won t buy there !!! The guy is a smuck

Lesson : Do not judge clients by there look  !!!


From : beny and the jets !!!

Power names !!! ( speed selling !)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In all types of sales many people fogets 1 thing that is very Importants !! Yes POWER NAMES !!!! Let me explain in your domain you will meet alot of people , construction cie , insurance etc….. Here are the tw0 rules you got to do to complete your power names group !!!

step 1 : when you sales to somebody , normally   the files goes away and you forget about the client until he comes back !! KEEP A COPY AND WRITTE WHERE HE COMES FROM !! Here there kids was sick if they got  good news  why you say ? because you can say do you know this cie and this one and this one well i sold them this unit !! they will say really show me that  !!! because they heard aout them and if all of them took this one why should nt he ?

step 2 : its not what you do but who you know !! try to enlarge your social surrounding to make a lot of contacts !! why you say ? well if your  friends a lot of people , you can say  that what i said to this client  that came to meet me or that i meet the other day !! if they know that persons and they like them well you just inspired confidence in you !!!!

A lot of salesman forgets about power names !!! that could help you close the deal real quick !!!!!!!!!

So be sharp , be cool and use power names ! it s works !


From : Beny and the jets !!!