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Client R ‘ us ( part 3 )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Today i was faced with my worst nightmare !! The hyper active guy mixed with i am king of the world client ( no joke !! ) .

Here are the sign to recognized one :

A) Very stress out moves and talks quick

B)  want ‘ s it all for nickels and dime

C) went and see the entire competition but does’ nt know the difference between them !

here is what you have to do !

A) explain to him the differences show him you know your stuff !!

B) you talk about something write it all down ( all OF IT !!!)

C) if you close him you tell him this : here is the contract all is on here read this to see that all is there , quest after : am i missing anything ? good sign here sir i will order it today ! thanks have a great day

Take a good deposit !

If he is too demanding but really demanding !! that is trouble in a can  !!if you buff it up or the compagny that you are buying from do :  he will be yelling , make you feel bad and destroy your reputation !

Don ‘ t sell him you say with class i can ‘ t help you sir i don t have what you need , hope you will find what you are looking for ! smile and that is it !

You don’ t need the agrevation ! ( i stuck it out but it cost me a lot of time today and stress but we didn’ t make 2500 we made 1200 because nothing was to his liking and everything fell appart !

So the lesson here is calculate the risk and the rest is your choice !


Beny and the jets !!!

The keys to a successfull salesman !!( part 5)

Thursday, October 6, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

There is one mistake most salesman do !!! don’ t spit on small deals ! Why   ? well simple sometimes with all the competition small deals seems like there are not worth it ! TAKE IT ALL ! why is that ? 

Do all  the regular deals and adopte the unwanted ( smaller deal that most salesman will not work on !! ) why ? ever heard of volume !! in one year i made 10000 dollars more than all the salesman !! 

So the lesson here is don ‘ t spit on the smaller deals !! Stay sharp and focus !


Beny and the jets !!