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Are you ready for this !! (Importants)

Thursday, February 16, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Let me start by saying thanks to you all !! Over 3000 people came and visit my site that is great !!(  i covered qc ,canada , all the u.s , russia , england, china and many more !!!! )  

Plus my book is done !!!!!!!!!! Yes and i have 20 years of retail in this book and all that i wrote i used and tried to be sure it works !

I guaranty this is the best book ever made in motivation, sales tips and more …. ( the more is  a  surprise ! )

But i kept only the good stuff  , what matters ths most !

Thanks for your support !


Benny and the jets !!

Conformity good or bad !

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

For generations people and tv has been telling us what to wear , what to drink and mostly how to act !!

Why should you do the same as all the others ? Be different make things your own ! Try to improve  all that you are and just better yourself .

One of the most powerfull movies that made a difference in my life  is: dead poet society !! Great storie but one thing sticks out in that movie .

In the movie Robbin williams ( the teacher ) try ‘ s an experiement to show that people follows the conformity of what society tells us .

‘ they walk in circle at their own pace and after 30 sec . follows the pace of the guy in front while all the others clap all at the same time !!!!

that conformity !!

Be yourself and don ‘ t be affraid of doing things differently !! you are unique and i say it pays  to be unique !


Benny and the jets !!