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Do you think everybody likes you !( good question )

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

I have learned after 20 years of being a salesman that it is impossible to be liked by all the clients. But why is that ! Simple the reason is that we are all unique and have different style and ways of tought . That is why all clients can ‘ t always like you !

Here are some answers why !

A) Your caracters are not compatible !

B) the flow is not passing at all !

C) He simply doesn ‘ t like the way you look ! ( shallow syndrome )


So the lesson here is do your best and don’ t take it personal !




Benny and the jets !

Is cold calling a waste of time !

Saturday, April 21, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

In todays world calling clients in the evening is beginning to be a problem ! Why ! every bisness is doing it ! The problem is that people are getting tired of that and hanging up with fury !

It could work but you got to choose the time and the right clientele  that could use  what you are selling in order to help them .

Here are your available  options !

A) A simple e -mail short and sweet with the exact client that you are aiming for !

B) A  fax with a picture and a kick ass price that will be interesting for them !

C) a cold call but in the day not at night ( people have kids and a lot of stuff to do so they will not be listening !)

D)By mail ( a simple letter that does nt take more than 10 seconds to read ! )


So the lesson less agravation leads to more sales !!




Benny and the jets !!!!


Do you take credit cards !

Monday, April 9, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

In todays world people live on credit cards ! But do you know it cost your bisness or the bisness you work for 2 % ! Yup very expensive because the % is on the total the taxe also . So here is what you can do to prevent paying a lot of money !

A) You do 2 prices on that  a kick ass price but on a credit card and 1 if he pays cash or with  finance .

Here is how you say it : Yes i do take credit cards here is the price plus taxe of the unit in question. He will say can you do any better than that !

Yes if you pay with certified cheque , money or debit card it is this much !! We do this to help both party s pay less interest or % on the unit ! ( finish with a smile !! )


So the lesson here is help your client make a good deal that is better for him and for you !



Benny and the jets !!!!