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Keeping the interest ! (Part 2 )

Monday, July 23, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Sorry for the delay i’ ve been talking care of James my son since i am a new father !

The topic for this week is showing real interest in the clients !

Let ‘ s face it everybody loves to talk about themselve !( their accomplishments , their lives , their family etc… ) One thing you got to tell yourself ! In order for the client to take interest in what you are saying YOU need to take interest in him !

Here are  the simple steps of how to do this !( an exemple )

A)  Hi sir how is it going and how ‘ s life is treating you  !( after smile )( this will show that you are not just there to sell )

B) Talk about simple stuff and try to avoid these particular subject !( religion , gouverment stuff and your personal problem ‘s ) You don’ t want this to drift or to go knowhere , he as got to be happy ! ( a happy space i call it ! )

C) if he goes to much off topic ! bring him back gently by asking a question on what he needs !( ex : im sorry ! why did you need this options )

D) after close him depending on when and how he needs it !


So the lesson here is  be interested in him and he will do the same !



Benny and the jets !!!