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Are you a true salesman ! What is a true salesman !

Thursday, June 20, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

true salesToday i sold an item 2012 that we had for 2 years ! A brand new one cost 400 bucks less ! Plus its a 2014 with new options . I tryed to get a good deal to the client but the big boss said : ‘ if he needs it now  sell it at 15 points ! So i was mad and i said to my self : i will sell a new one make more money and let it rust here !! Naaaaa not a good idea since i am the sales manager !

But most of you are saying : hey its your job ! just do it !

I sold it at 15 points ! And i delivered the goods on the spot !


How did it make me feel !


A) Like i was not honest with the client  ( its my reputation that can suffer ! )

B) in 16 years i have sold 28 000 000 dollars and its the first tioe i feel crummy like hell !

C) Stomach was overturning inside why you say its important to sell and always take note of the market and prices so if  you are in the average you will never feel like that !

D) Don t forget yes your boss signs your pay check but the client will always be your paycheck !


So lesson here i ve learned today  is its ok  for me to feel like that  a true saleman that wants a growing clientele needs to be honest and true to the bisness and toward all clients !

That is a real and true salesman !




Benny and the jets !!!!!!