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Are you overselling your product ! ( good or bad )

Thursday, September 5, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

mentalGood evening i’m back from my vacation ! Here is a nice topic for this month ! are you overselling your product ! if so do you know the good and bad things that will happen !!!!

I have done a lot of experiments over these last 20 years and here is what i come up with !

Good section :

- You get the client to be very excited !

- You get the sell !

- You get knowed for your positive attitude !

- competition hates your guts like hell !


You say its all good right wrong !! here are the negative side of it ! Don ‘t forget all of the products are built and made by humans so ! mistakes will be made and will make yours clients very very mad !

Bad section :

- if it breaks some client wil call you a bull….. ( too exited clients you will get there hopes very high )

- one happy client will tell a few people ! an angry client will tell the world !

- you will have great warranty problems because they will find defects that you didnt see !

-  The competition will used that to discredit you !


So take my advice explain the product for what it is and tell them about the advantage but !! Don t bring  them on cloud nine !




Benny and the jets !!!!