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Signs that will tell you that you are going tp the top !!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

b1Hi !! happy halloween !

Here is one that you will like ! What are the signs that your near the top ! ( based on a actual fact that is happening as we are speaking ) Today one of my competitors actually is stealing my sales pitch to my clients ! at first i was a bit mad because salesman who lacts imagination and don t have the guts to find there own identity will take yours and hope that it will work for them aswell !


Here are the caracteristics that tells you your going places !


A) Each time your thinking of something new they becomes copycats !

B) Lying becomes part of their speaches

C) Discrediting you will become a daily routine

D) better you improve your product and publicity copycats strikes back again !


So the lesson here do your best let them hang themselfve with their rope ! Become even better show the client you know their product better than them and they will shoot a bullet in their own foot 🙂 !


don t forget our catch phrase !  M ( aking )T( oday )G (reat) D(ay )


Benny and the jets !!!!!