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How do you feel this morning !

Thursday, October 4, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

I m back my friends ! So let’ s start with something new learned from myself ! Yesterday I eated some pizza at 7 at night and i was feeling so so !I woke up this morning feeling very bad ! I wondered  why i was feeling this way and then it hit me !

You know the saying you are what you eat ! well that is so true !

This are the side effects :

– drowsiness

– extreme fatigue

– headake from hell

So the lesson is eat light because you will not feel it now but the next day it always show !!


Beny and the jets !!!

Are you feeling bad monday mornings !

Thursday, May 3, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

You wake up monday morning and you are tired and feeling not so good why !!!!! I normally eat very well in the week since i work out and want to keep in shape . So here is what i realized this week !

– I  slept late and was a little slobbish !

– i ate poorly ( i went to scores took chicken with bacon and sauce and patatoes and sour cream ouffff . The next day big breakfast bacon and all kind of heavy stuff !

– I went overboard on the desert at my mother in laws not counting calories ( sugar o rama like hell !!)

This put me down  like there was no tomorrow !!! The lesson here is eat right and if you are going to cheat do it with moderation or you will become what you eat !


M(aking )T(oday ) G(reat ) D (ay ) gd the consultants


Benny and the jets !!!


Do you know the secret of youth !

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Yes i know the secret witch compagny ‘ s doesn’ t tell you ! It is very simple to understand and you will read here for the first time . Because gd does there homework !

Here are the tips that combined together  equal to the fountain of youth !

A) Your body is a machine eating always junk food  and it will run badly and you will have more and more fat that block the blood flow !

B) try to sleep at least 8 hours ! ( you will have more concentration and better energy during the day !)

C) take care of your skin ! ( wash it 3 times a day a cream it !)

D) train 3 to 4 times a week ! ( better your shape younger you will look !)

E) get some sunlight ! ( vitamine D) and fresh air ( lungs will work better ! )

F) reduce your stress at all cost !! ( now that is where those gray hair comes from ! )

G) and last but not least ( your mind controles your body !you can ‘ t stop the aging process but you can slow it down like helll !!!

I always say to all at 50 i will look the same ! and i know it  ! last week end i had to show my cards in a casino ! i’ m 36 i said are you joking to the security gard ! best compliment ever !

So here is the secret said for the first time that no one told you ! Just the best for gd ‘ s follower ‘ s !


Benny and the jets !!!!

Aspartame to loose weight ? not a good idea !

Thursday, January 12, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Hi these days aspartame or fructose and cie  is replacing real sugar in food that has less calories or no fat at all  ! ( well they say of course ! )

But there is one down side to aspartame ! did you know that  aspartame has less calories but makes you eat more !!! Yup  !what it does it gives you more rages of sugar that equals you eat much more !

The only sugar that is less damaging is splenda most diabetic uses it and it works  great !

Here are what you can use has substitute and will give you real energy !

A) maple sirup ( always good but don ‘ t abuse )

B) honey ( great and very used in cereal ,cookies etc.. * no wonder ! )

C) brown sugar  

So watch out its your body and you don ‘ t need  a sugar crash eat right !


Benny and the jets !!!

Sugar before training is bad ! but why

Friday, January 6, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Happy new year ! This first one of the year 2012 is about sugar before training or if you like eating a big meal just before going !!

Here is why people eats  before going !

A) they think it will give them energy for their training  

B) build up strenght !

C) they will be less tired

Wrong ,wrong and still wrong !!!!!

There is only one truth and here it is !  Your stomach will start digesting the sugar or what you ate all the blood will  be used for the digestion !

You will be more tired since after a meal we are always more lazy !

Here is what i suggest !

A) in the morning  oatmeal is always great before with a pre workout supplement !

B) for the rest of the day fruits ,yogurts are great way to have juice before your sessions!

So remember more blood in your muscle better is the pump so don’ t send it all in your stomach  !


Benny and the jets !!!

GD’ s fitness corner !! ( blog 1 )

Saturday, December 17, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In these day and age training as been left out a lot of the equation !!! But i beleive in a sound mind with a sound body ! Today i will be speaking to you about circuit training .

Here is what to do if like me you don t have the time to work out all day ! This will take you 45 to 55 min to do !

To make this work you start follow these steps ( 1 muscle per day )

A)  if you do a  set of bicep you do 10 reps not more using the ( 1-2-3 ) thechnic

B) right after you go and do 12 reps of abs

C) after 20 secondes of jump rope  intense !! if you have trouble at first don’ t worry it took me 6 month to get the hang of it !

D ) relax 30 secondes and start it back from the beginning  !

Simple and easy this will take you 55 min at the most  plus after 3 month your cardio and abs and endurance will be off the charts !!!

Stay in shape  and eat well !

Beny and the jets !!!!!