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Friday, November 18, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I wanted to inform you that my book is nearly over and it will surprise a lot of people ! Plus in addition to my book i will be a father soon !

Before next weeks chronicle i wish you a great week  !!!

Like i always say imagination is the key !!


Beny and the jets !!!

Yes this web site over 1000 visits after 4 month !!!

Friday, April 22, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I wanted to tell you that this web site have ad over 1000 people after only 4 month !!!!

From : russia , vietnam , brazil all of the usa , germany and canada and many more !!!! 

THanks to you all my readers !! Continue reading my chronicles and  talk about it and pass my web site arround with your friends and co – workers , you make this web site what it is and each time i can help that is what keeps me going !!

If you have any idees you want me to elabotate just leave me a comment and i will do it !!

I have special videos comming that will be incredible ! i promise you !!

Have a great week !!

Thanks again !!


From : Benny and the jets !!!

Power names !!! ( speed selling !)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In all types of sales many people fogets 1 thing that is very Importants !! Yes POWER NAMES !!!! Let me explain in your domain you will meet alot of people , construction cie , insurance etc….. Here are the tw0 rules you got to do to complete your power names group !!!

step 1 : when you sales to somebody , normally   the files goes away and you forget about the client until he comes back !! KEEP A COPY AND WRITTE WHERE HE COMES FROM !! Here there kids was sick if they got  good news  why you say ? because you can say do you know this cie and this one and this one well i sold them this unit !! they will say really show me that  !!! because they heard aout them and if all of them took this one why should nt he ?

step 2 : its not what you do but who you know !! try to enlarge your social surrounding to make a lot of contacts !! why you say ? well if your  friends a lot of people , you can say  that what i said to this client  that came to meet me or that i meet the other day !! if they know that persons and they like them well you just inspired confidence in you !!!!

A lot of salesman forgets about power names !!! that could help you close the deal real quick !!!!!!!!!

So be sharp , be cool and use power names ! it s works !


From : Beny and the jets !!!

Phone shoppers !!! ( what to do ? )

Monday, March 28, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Todays chronicle is a important one !! Phone shoppers : people that can call 12 places for pricing after they have the prices  , they go and see the less expensive ones !!! ( What do you do ? ) Simple after 15 years of phone calls i got a 3 steps strategy to convince them to see me !!!

A) never give them the price on the phone , i try to be very vague : yes sir i got some the price is between 5000 and 7500 dollars !!! Why i got that well its all depending on what the options are and brands !!! They will have no choice but to come !!

B) talk about what you have that the other ones don t !!! if they think you got the better product they will come down to see you !!!

C) if they want a price average and they won t let up !!!! tell tem a price of what they want with the least options possible that you have why because if there looking for price like i said they will come only if yoyr the cheapest !!!

Dont give them a hunting pass either !!!


Beny and the jets

Clients R US ( part 2) Got to read this !!

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

As I spoken last time you can meet a ( hyper active guy ) !! Today I met my greatest challenge since a while :  this guy had it all he was ( arrogant , hyper active , and really a pain in the ….. )

A) he wanted to know price alot of them so i said to him : sit down sir i have questions for you !! the answer  was very blury !!! but still i got a budjet and a little what he wanted

B) Very agressive and talked loudly so i talked slowly  with a lower tone a voice it  ( he regressed after 2 min )

C) I went outside and he wanted to all the trailers he  asked  me for a deal : do you have a used or a deal  i dont want a new you understand !!!! arrogantly

D) That was it i had it : i told him YES I DO come this is what you want and what you need stop looking at the others cause it s not what you are looking for !!!

E) i went inside to my office and closed him : Listen  this is a new but 2008 trailers with a complete warranty it was at 7246. 00 $ you want  it !!!! 5500 $ the offer ends now !!!! (A client likeTHAT is a pain so  even if you lose him not a big thing so you put pressure on him now now !!!! )

closing line : That is your budjet and you won t find anything elsewhere like this why like you said sir !! it s been 2 years you are looking !! So what is your name that i put on the contract and how you will be paying this !!! He sais visa !




clients R US !!! ( understanding )

Friday, February 25, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

After 20 years now of clients i think  i ‘ve seen nearly all of the types !! Some won t make your job easy they will make it a living hell ( im not joking here )

Here are the 4 types of client that you will encounter

A) The Analyst : this client got to know everything in order to close him you will have to know your stuff by heart and don t fool yourself he went everywhere and chances are he knows more then you ( stay calm and tell him what he wants  to know don t anty up , if you don t know what you are saying !!!!

B) The cheaper the better guy : if the guy wants a deal , right in the beginning or a use ( don t try to sell an expensive one ) chances are he spent 500 dollars of gas to save 50 bucks , you close him with a deal that is good but not too highly price !!!

C) the scared and not sure guy : he is looking not really ready yet but will ask alot of questions and will talk of his life for 30 min before telling you what he needs to close you got to take nearly the decision for him depending on his answer , ask the right questions , get the answer and show him what he needs for his    reason !!!

D) The Hyper active guy : this guy knows everythings and the same time not !!! this guy is a juice taker , don t let him take controle you got to take control from the start , he will want to see ALL that you have at any price exemple : i got 15000 dollars for a car after he tells you show me a cadillac deville at 60000 what you got to do : listen sir you got a budjet of 15000 but you want a cadillac , you would be better with a use car but fully loaded look i have a 2006 bmw MINT !!! he will like it  , cause its what he needs prestigious and its in his budjet

So do your homework !!


From me : Beny and the Jets !!