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Keeping the interest ! (Part 2 )

Monday, July 23, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Sorry for the delay i’ ve been talking care of James my son since i am a new father !

The topic for this week is showing real interest in the clients !

Let ‘ s face it everybody loves to talk about themselve !( their accomplishments , their lives , their family etc… ) One thing you got to tell yourself ! In order for the client to take interest in what you are saying YOU need to take interest in him !

Here are  the simple steps of how to do this !( an exemple )

A)  Hi sir how is it going and how ‘ s life is treating you  !( after smile )( this will show that you are not just there to sell )

B) Talk about simple stuff and try to avoid these particular subject !( religion , gouverment stuff and your personal problem ‘s ) You don’ t want this to drift or to go knowhere , he as got to be happy ! ( a happy space i call it ! )

C) if he goes to much off topic ! bring him back gently by asking a question on what he needs !( ex : im sorry ! why did you need this options )

D) after close him depending on when and how he needs it !


So the lesson here is  be interested in him and he will do the same !



Benny and the jets !!!



Do you think everybody likes you !( good question )

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

I have learned after 20 years of being a salesman that it is impossible to be liked by all the clients. But why is that ! Simple the reason is that we are all unique and have different style and ways of tought . That is why all clients can ‘ t always like you !

Here are some answers why !

A) Your caracters are not compatible !

B) the flow is not passing at all !

C) He simply doesn ‘ t like the way you look ! ( shallow syndrome )


So the lesson here is do your best and don’ t take it personal !




Benny and the jets !

The keys to a successfull salesman !!( part 5)

Thursday, October 6, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

There is one mistake most salesman do !!! don’ t spit on small deals ! Why   ? well simple sometimes with all the competition small deals seems like there are not worth it ! TAKE IT ALL ! why is that ? 

Do all  the regular deals and adopte the unwanted ( smaller deal that most salesman will not work on !! ) why ? ever heard of volume !! in one year i made 10000 dollars more than all the salesman !! 

So the lesson here is don ‘ t spit on the smaller deals !! Stay sharp and focus !


Beny and the jets !!

The keys to a successfull salesman !!( part 4)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Todays lesson is an easy one to do !! But not easy in reel life ! You remember i told you go the extra mile in one of my chronicles !! I see everyday salesman and sales women are thinking about their pockets first and that is a big no no !If you do that here is what will happen !

A) it will show soon or later and you will loose all the clients that you have !

B) another competitor will sworn in your place leaving you out in the cold !

C) it will only give you money now not in the long run !! people talk to each other by the way !

D) they will not  give your name as supplier   !

So the lesson here is think twice before thinking only about yourself !!! Don ‘ t forget these words my dad tought me  the best always does it with class ! ( thanks dad your the best  !)

M(aking ) T(oday )G(reat )D ( ay ) ( our saying )

Beny and the jets !!! That is me !

Finding hard workers ( very rare )? ( For managers part 1 !!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

 These day in ages finding a hard and  good workers is becomming very hard !!! You must do all that you can to keep the best in your ranks !! Why ! because  people are thinking more and more about themself and less of the compagny they work for.

Here are the basic rules to keep all your team together !

A) They are not numbers ! ( make them feel like their part of a team ! )

B) Create a meeting once a week will implicate everyone in the bisness !

C) Saying good  work ! ( once in a while)  keeps up their motivation and energy !

D) all problems got to be taking care of now !! why it can destroy the atmoshere of the team !

So take care of them   because you need them more then they need you without a great sales team your bisness will not be as profitable !!


Beny and the jets !!!

What is follow ups in sales ? ( consulting )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

There is one thing that salesmans always forgets in their career and the word is follow ups  !Calling back a client after a first encounter or phone call or  e-mail is very important ! But why ?

You got to do it to keep the spark alive or the client will forget he wants it !!! If you don’t do it what will the client think ! Here are the scenarios in his or her mind !!!

A) I already have  bad service and i did nt buy anything yet !

B) Lack of interest : he doesn’ t want to sell to me !!

C) He forgot about me !!

So lesson here is call them back you may have 50 percent chance of selling on the spot !!


Benny and the jets !!!