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Can you handle a claim from a angry client ? ( manager part 1)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

These days things  are  changing  quick and the clients ask more and more for a whole lot less !!

Here is my advice for all you sales manager out there !! You can get involve up to a certain point ! Why because you take care of sales not warranty !!

Here are the steps to handle it !

A) Listen to the client ( he is got to let off some steam before you can take care of the problem )

B) after go with the client to the service department and explain to service manager the problem . Why it will show you care about his problem !

C) After let them do and say what is and what is not warranty !

WHY because if you say no you will become the bad guy and he will never buy from you again ! The claims department can ‘ t be related to the sales sides !

So be sharp always keep it cool never give in to anger , the best always does it with class !!


From : Benny and the jets !!



Are you a team player ? and why ? ( Important )

Monday, May 16, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Good evening ,today i saw a lot of things that  made me mad !! So i m going talk to you about (why you got to be a team player !) Since you can always be there ! you need the help of your co – workers . Here are my advice to be always on top !!!

A) Be always cool with your fellow salesman cause if your not there (*they will not steal you !)! How do you ask ? Simple if there is a client ready to buy do a partnership with them go half and half on the commission

B)try to compromise on the days off , if you take easter , try to let patriot day to another why ? your not the only one that has a family life !!The me, myself and I routine  will make everybody hate you !!! 

C) Be nice and try to bond a happy work place is always good if you want to succed !

So lesson here is like my mentor said is : the best always does it with class !!!


From : Benny and the jets !!

Can you handle a claim from an angry client ? ( Part 3 )

Monday, May 9, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel


Hi everybody !!  Here is part 3 of of to handle a claim  and make a sale a the same time !!!! This is a situation that can be reverse from an angry client to a Sale !! No joke this works  !!

We all remember the 3 steps from part 1 of my blog right ? right after you do the 3 steps what you can do his ask him if exemple : is your enclosed cargo trailer to your standarts or big enough cause , i can buy from you and sell you my new model !!

A ) after that saying let him think a little bit

B) come back and tell him the new model cost this much and i could buy yours because alot of people is looking for a used not that old !!

C) Don t forget to pad yourself don t drop your price to low cause : you don t want to buy his at cost of what he would sell his on the market !!! Why got to think of the warranty and resale value so his will sale quick ( don t be greedy )

So stay sharp and don t forget the best does it with class !!!

M( aking ) .T(oday ) , G( reat ) , D ( ays )

From :  Benny and the jets !!!

Don`t destroy their shopping experience !!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

If you are in retail there is one thing you can not do !!!! Alot of client are gonna ask you questionsthat maybe is gonna put you over the edge if you are having a bad day ! this is what just happen to me this week end !!

I was with my girlfriend and i stop buy a nice mall that had one store with rock bands clothing so when i entered i was happy and was in a hurry to buy stuff !!! So the manager did n t greet me and had a bad day in was showing !!( first mistake )

I asked her because there was alot of stuff i wanted (question : ) if i buy 300 or 400 bucks is there a special promotion ? She reply : Sir most of the people that came here don t ask for rebate !!!!!! 

result : I FELT CHEAP FOR ASKING AND IT TOOK OUT ALL THE FUN OUT OF MY EXPERIENCE !!! WHY : ( in many stores their are always promotion or tax free if you buy for an amount !! She should have told me sorry not at this time and it would ve been it !

I bought just what i needed : a gift , a wallet and a training bag total : 115 bucks !!! she lost 300 dollars because of her attitude !!!wow

So here is the dammage : 

A) i was deceived

B) she lost alot money in sales

C) and i am not going to shop there again

D) and i am not recommending the store to all my friends

So the lesson here is don `t destroy  their shopping experience it will cost you big and i will be calling her boss witch  i know a little to tell him that !

Stay sharp i believe in you !


From : Benny and the jets !!!

Can you handle a angry client with a claim ? ( part 1 )

Thursday, April 28, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Good evening !! I have a question for you sometimes you will meet a angry client !!!Why because  you sold them something and it broke  and its brand new !!! So here is my fire stopper advice !

A) Be calm and listen to them !!! why because they don ‘ t have nothing againts you !! You listen and you agree with them and tell them  : i know sir  calm down nothing will be solved by yelling !

B) You bring them to the service departement and explain it to the service in front of them !!! Why easy it will show your taking care of the situation !

C) After you tell them : in all problems there are solutions so lets fix it !!! thanks for understanding !!

So the lesson here is be calm and deal with it with logic !!


From : Benny and the jets !!

Help tips for all the managers !! ( happy easter from GD)

Sunday, April 24, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Here is a short tip for all you managers out there !!! Like i explain on the earlier post in a short whilethere will be a shortage on good salesman !! Here is what you need to do !!

A) if you got good employees help them  and give them a path on the back once and a while .Why if you don t they will go where they are appreciated !!

B) created a nice working enviroment because if half  of your staff is negative !!! the rest will follow !!

C) create 1 a week a meeting where all can give there idees so they can feel like there part of the team !!!

Well Happy easter !! ( And take care of your love one !! )


From : Benny and the jets !!