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Are you competent ?( very important )

Monday, March 7, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Today im speaking to you about something that is not as exciting as sales tips but very important if you want to build up your clientele !!!

I ask you one question are you competent ? do you think of your pocket before the client ? are you doing your best to satisfy him ? Is your client happy when he leaves your bisness ? these are the questions you got to ask yourself !!!! Here are the four steps for a happy client that says if you are competent !

A) After you know what he wants do you try to get him the price he wants ? or do you say : thats gonna give me only this much why bother ?( if you go the extra mile he will tell all his friends about you !!! ( that equals more money of course !)

B) If you don t have it  do you say: well the competitor as it you should look there ( did you at least try ? ) ( don t do that it is too frustuating ) he will not be back !

C) Before talking did you learned your stuff completely ? a client want a person that knows what he is talking about !

D) last but not least it is 8 : 50 client walks in you closed at nine , you had a awfull day ! do you serve him or you say : well i have some but can t find them right now just come back !!! ( not good to do ) the client will say man i doesn t care about me !!!! i really wanted this ( not good !!! )

conclusion :  in this world i know sometimes bosses want you to work harder for less so we tend to say why would i do more (fuck it !!)sound familiar not a good way to build up your clientele !

Do your best take care i little more and maybe the bisness wold would be a better place !!!

from : beny and the jets !!

Hunting season !!! ( part 2 )

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

The second part of  ( hunting season) was a test a made with a really hard client !! A client wanted some pricing and told me what is your price , he asked me for 3 or 4 trailers similar but different why ? ( he didn t know what he wanted ) So here is the conclusion with my 4 steps !!

A) Firts of all he ask me for a written quote  i said : sorry i don t do quotes why because the price always change sometimes with tranports fees and exchange rate !!

B) second of all : he told me i am just starting looking ( for that equals as i will shop arround like hell !! ) so i told him:  no problem look and compare appels to apples options with options anybody can sell a cheaper product but in the long run you will be better on with mine !!

C) third : he told me after : well i wanted to know a price !! so i told him well your homework now is simple. You got to writte down all that you want , with the price you really want to pay and after come meet me and i promise you i will arrange it all for you Ben style and i laught !!

D) he cameback after to look at my trailers again two weeks after i told him : so is my trailer better than the others , he said yes but yours is more expensive than i said : what do i have to do so you say yes he told me . I want a spare and a pad lock i said : you got it sir !!! what is the color !!

So the  lesson here is do not give them a hunting permit !!!!

Stay sharp !!


From : Beny and the jets !!!

Keeping the interest ( sales tips )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In our way there are always helpfull trick to keeping a client interested in your product !!!

As we all know clients craves in our time the info they want good price and a good product !!

But there is always a way of keeping the interest of the client

 A) always keep some information they might need exemple on the internet you have already replied his request on price and info , you send him another e mail saying  :  Did you know i got a new model and it s better and cheapper call me or come and see me !!! ( got to be done after 1 week max !! )

 B) another  thing to remember  some clients wants in a good used one , if you know a client that  wants to sell you his keep his name after  you send an e- mail to the one that needs a good use and you say:  i just got info that one of my clients wants to sell his !!!!( he will call you back faster than a speeding bullet !!)

C) the key word is always being true to them and to yourself , if you are he will call you back why because the others was not !!

like i always say ( M.T.G.D ) gd  making today a great day  !!






Hunting season !!! ( sales tips )

Thursday, February 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In this world we live the competition in sales is hard !!!! In the restaurants , cars , retail in any stores this is one tip you got to understand .

A) People are shoppers today they Will go the extra mile for what they want !!  ( Find where he lives WHY YOU SAY !! because there gonna buy most of the time close by for the warranty and service so don t drop your pants right away !!

B) you got to be great they must not like you  , they must  LOVE you( any client is gonna buy for the person they like !!

C) People  wants to know , they want a guy or girl that know there stuff by HEART !! they want to learn so be that teacher the best one !

And this is the tricky part : since like i told you they are shoppers i told you don t drop your pants ! well if you give your best price at the beginning you know what you are giving him !!!


He will take that price and the logic of any clients he gonna do at least ( 3 STORES BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING ). So this is what you say : listen sir i hope i gave you all the info you need , for the price i can give a great price for now after you will shop with it and when all is done at the end . COME AND SEE ME I WILL GIVE YOU A GREAT PRICE WHY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BUY AND I WANT TO SELL TO YOU !!

He will be back and he will understand why your doing it !!!

So the lesson here is don t gine him a hunting pass right away and just be the best !!! You will have clients like NO TOMMOROW !!

Major Differences !!! ( motivation )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

We all know that  what we think can create !!! well this is important

There are 3 major differences in life you got to understand to be happy and and to be the best at what  you do ( in sales and personnal !! )

A) intelligence : if you ask anybody the question  are you intelligent ? we all will say yes  i am , but for me it s not a question of I.Q my mentor always said if you are happy and satisfied in your work you are intelligent .

B) knowledge : you can know all the things in the world have 3 bachelor degree it wont make you better than the one that has not any degree ( it only shows a boss you can work hard ) in sales .why because some guys are salesman  in there  bloodthey are  true  saleman by heart !!

 C)Experience : My dad always said there is an easy way or a hard way in life exemple : you can study earn a degree or work your ass off and get better until you are paid and recognized for it !! ( i saw alot of guys that could sell a pencil to a boss and guys with degree that did nt know what to say !! )

The facts of all this are simple if you can controle your life and all arround it and be happy ( NOBODY WILL STOP YOU CAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST )

This is just a piece of motivation next post will be on sales tips !!

True salesman !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In this world there is less and less true salesman !!

My word of advice for you is simple  : there are  five steps

 A)  be truthfull :  you listen to your client and say it as it is !!

b) ask him the correct questions  example : really sir between you and me what is really your budjet not what everybody tells you it  worth what do you really wanted to pay !! why i ask simple because  i want to give you exaclty what you need and if possible at your price ( HE WILL TELL YOU IT GARANTEE  !!! )


c) know your competition by heart ( their prices, the product itself ALL OF IT !! ) people craves knowledge they want to better themselve

d) sell them what they need not what your making more money on  ( if the guy wants  a  toyota don t try to sell them a Cadillac !!)

e) At the end he got to consider you as a friend not a salesman ( a good salesman will help him and if he will reffer  you to his friends and  people arround him  he will say  ( hey that ( your name ) he is a great guy he really  knows his stuff he is the best in is field !!!!

Its hard to get a more and more clients  : word to mouth to talk about you to all their suroundings but with these steps ( you will be the greatest thing since slice bread !!! )