I have a long and distinguished career in the sales and conception of unique sales thechnics in the trailer Industry. I have  worked for nearly 19 years in sales always to be the best and finding new ways of going to the top in everything i do .  I  have experience in planification , expertise , Pricing, salesman  improvement thechniques , new idees and time efficienty .

In 2010, I founded GD the Consultants  which will become  a solid training for all types of sales :

( insurance , retail , inside sales distributions ) and experience  from  19 years  in sales and still inside the bisness world .

I have many diplomas in sales from : combined institute ( aon corp. )pass thru the course of the consultant  went in sales marketing in university of U.Q.T.R in canada.

Plus i am the conceptor  of one brand ‘ the odyssey ‘ cargo compagnie that is the fastest growing name brand in quebec right now .

I love people in this world : i don t wait for things to happen you make it happen !!!

Benoit Gravel 

President of  Gd the consultants