Sales tips ! ( this is gold !)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

You are gonna like this one !!!  ( like i say this is gold !! )

You remember i told you that you got to be a true salesman well this is tip number one  !

As we all know people want to know about ererything right ? They crave information and they are looking for the truth !! Here is one of my best sales tips i give you !!

A) Find one thing  you have that the competition don t have  !!! why because that will be the only way to make your mark !!

B) after explaining  to him your product that YOU KNOW BY HEART !!! ( this is for your credibility !!!)

C)( this is important ) you say to the client listen that you buy from me or somebody else what is important in your situation is that you need this option !!!! And you say what you have and you are sure that the competition has not !!!!

D) He will shop arround with your option in mind but the beauty of it is that nobody else has it but you !! CHECK AND MATE

CONCLUSION :   Even if he comes back after 2 weeks you will have had the upper hand !! You got a sale !! and you have been an honest salesman with out putting pressure.

M( aking ) T(oday ) G(reat ) D (ay )

From : Beny and the jets !!!

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