Phone messages what to say ? (voice mail !)

Thursday, August 4, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

This week i am going to teach you something new for many of you ! One of the biggest problem when you call back a client is what to say !!!! Here is what you have to do !

A) you say your first name

B) you got to tell your phone number once at the biginning and once at the end ! ( maybe he didn’ t get the first time )

C) Don’ t tell him that you will call him or her back ( or the client won ‘ t take your  message serously !! )

D) Keep it short and sweet  ( go to the point !! )

E) if you have a used  unit  of what the clients wants tell him !!! He will call you faster than a speeding bullet !!

So the lesson here is stay cool , talk  with confidence and bring it home !!


Benny  and the jets

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