Aggravation Sells !!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

We have all been aggravated once in a while with the things we are buying ! We like our toys to work ! But sometimes installation is hell on earth !! so why don’ t we use that has an argument to sell !!

Here is a nice exemple !

Clients come in to buy vertical blinds for his house ! There is one at seven bucks and the other at eleven , they both look the same but they are very different in a way !!

A) One is in plastic and the other is in polyeurethane ( polyeurethane is tough it won ‘ t bent easy )

B) The major reason is installation the 11 bucks one has quick plug easy installation ! the 7 dollars one is brackets that you got to srew it all up ! ( takes 2 hours to do )

So explain the aggravation of the time and hell it is the installation and best of all make him live it in his mind ! he will take the 11 bucks one because its easy and tough !

So the lesson the client has got to learn is you pay for the quality you get ! Agravations sell ! Thrust me !


Benny and the jets !!!!!!




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