Are you linked right ? ( how to be good buyer ! )

Monday, March 21, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

As we all know we it ‘ s not what you can  always do  ,it’ s who you know !!

In order to be a good sales manager you got to linked right why you ask ? simple !! In all good salesman sleeps a good buyer !! You got to be smooth , simple and true !!


Here are the 3 steps to be the one that knows all , see s all and is the one that everybody loves !

A) Try to learned about the people that you do bisness with how you asked ? simple do they have kids , do they like football what they read . These person are essential to your growth !!

B) Respect them and try to do your best always so they know you are working for them not your pocket !!! exemple : fot the cargo compagny i sold nearly 750000 or a million the first year . conclusion they love me !! they know i worked my ass off for them and my boss that equals : respect towards me !!!

C)Special for them you got to be more they a link for higher sales you are their friend !!

For my boss i talk too much , spend too much time No bull there ! But all my supplier would do always their best to go at the bat for me that equals better pricing , better lead times and most of all more specialyzed stuff that all the other would not do !!!

So be true , be nice , word hard and sell it !!!


From beny and the jets  !!!


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