Are you stressed out ? ( important )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In all days being a good salesman is nt enough !!! There is a balance between work and the home. Stress is a bag of problem !! it can play with all your system !! This is no joke you got to have some thechnics to relax or you will blow !!

A) keep yourself in shape !! exercise even when tired a little , it will take your mind off problems at the work place and leave you with a feeling that you accpmplished your day with success !!

B) Try to sleep regular hours , a tired salesman can t sale at his full potential !!!

C) Do not eat always junk food !! why because you will feel as bad as you eat  !!! Eat always lighter in the night and more  at noon !!

D) Don t keep all your problems inside and buried !! It will eat you up !! talk to somebody you feel at ease with stress will take away valuable sleeping hours  and  take away concentration !!

So the lesson here is take care of yourself !! why because your body is a machine when stressed out will be sick or worse !!


From : Benny and the jets !!

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