Are you tough enough !!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

It is a dawggy dog world out there !!! My question to you is are you tough enough ? Why do you ask ? as we all know there are always problems in any bisness and for a lot of you you will be force to do 20 jobs in one with the same pay check !!! And most of all the jobs there are descriptions that you should nt  do but you will have no choice to do them !!!

First of all for a boss the client is always right !!! so to survive you got the 3 rules you got to do !!!

RULE ONE : always keep everything in writting quotes , email ( ALL OF THEM !!! ) Why to keep proof of your saying !!! I client tells your boss he told me that : show your proof he will be chock and that is it !!

RULE TWO : Don ‘ t get angry for bosses that is a sign of guilt !!! So stay calm relax explain to him and show proof !!!

RULE THREE : Don ‘ t play the blamming game !!! saying it was is fault not mine baaaad !!! Your boss will have both of your asses !!! Just say this : Listen this is what happen , this is my proof and for what i know i did my job the  best i could for the your ( barking up the wrong tree  !! ) if you excuse i got to return to work now thanks !!

If the in the hard situation you did the 3 rules and your still to blame in the bosses mind the hell with it !!

Today as we speak i sold a trailer to a guy that was rude arrogant but a good client to our compagny !! i showed my boss my proof and all the email but he did ‘ nt care the guy was blamming me for all the mistakes of the service and part departement since i am the boss of the division !! I was boilling mad like hell !!!!! But after i said can please everybody !! the client destroyed me inside ( that is why the title are you tough enough !!)

I could ‘nt win the war because the guy is a smuck !! so i carried on my work

Ps : don t  forget you put the hat if it fits !!

Stay Focus and sell !!!


From : Beny and the Jets !!!

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