Be clear ! Its your reputation on the line !

Friday, June 13, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

mentaltrue salesIts been a while but i am back !  Ready with all new stuff to talk to you about ! You know what agravates me the most today ! People are not clear true saleswtrue saleshen they give info !

Situation my dog was sick this week i call the vet !I ask the lady what should i do ! what is the steps before i bring you my furry friend.

Them : She say just bring him !!!

Me : I say no he his fine just pass me the vet please !

Them : Just bring him and we will check her out !

Me : like i said earlier pass me the vet please !

The vet : he gives me four steps before bringing my dog !

Me : Thank you so much i will do that and will bring her if it doesn’ t work !

What did he do better than the vet help !

A) He gave great advice and showed me he wasn’ t there just for the money !

B) since he help me even after it cost me 150 bucks i knew what i was getting into !

C) i will always be loyal to that clinic ( that is called keeping your local clients )

D) i will refer him to other of my friends !( word to mouth always the best publicity )


So the lesson here is be clear and you will have clients like crazy ! seems easy right ! just check arround you and you will see its a big problem today !



Beny jets Gravel !!!!




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