Become sherlock and anticipate your boss moves !

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

sherlock !!!!!!Ok you are working in sales and you know your job by heart ! But any boss that has employees thinks they should be doing even more !So the question is do you know what  your hidden task !

You got to put yourself in his shoes ! Why do you say ! Any bisness hace standart cost ( bills , dedlines plus a huge amount of pressure to go with that ! ) But what happens when he has a bad day ! You become the easy target ! Why you ARE THE NECESSARY EVIL  in his bisness !

Here is what you need to do to prevent a bomb in your face ! Open up your eyes on things to be done in the bisness ! Your hidden task are hidding in there !

A) Keep your office and files clean !( top notch )

B) keep a record of your sales from this year and 2 years behind ! ( to show your on top mof things )

C) Keep a record of all your strategies you took to increase sales !

D) help with clients if the service department needs you ! ( you got to be helpfull ! don’ t forget people talks in the office   )

E) Better yourself by learning parts and warranty  ! ( nobody will be able to do what you do ! you can do it all ! )

F) Help co – workers if they need advice ! ( your a team player remember ! )

The basic of all this is simple ! if you do more then what you are asked ! He can put you a bomb in your face you are already doing it all and more !! Take the upper advantage ! Become sherlock !


Beny jets Gravel !




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