Convincing your client to buy locally ! Easy and true

Sunday, January 27, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

customer-service_0822_12The best way to convince people appart from just pricing is easy ! Tell him that they will always come first ! But what do i mean by that !                                                                      Here is a simple exemple of what you got to say !

Me : Yes i know price is good ! but there is one thing i always do for my clients !

client : really what is that !

Me : we pass always our clients first ! Well we have  clients that also comes from other dealers that sold the same unit that caomes here for service but our clients pass first always  !

client : what you don’ t repair the clients that comes from other places !

Me : Of course !!!!! But its only normal that our clients that came here passes first ! Let say you bought it elsewhere but it broke thursday and you needed saterday well if you bought it here you pass first if not and there are 5 other clients at the same time  well  …… you won’ t have it for saterday !

Client : that ‘ s not right !!( not all clients will say that but some will !)

Me : Sir or miss ! in order to keep our clients locally its important to give a top notch service to our clients that beleives in us .

Me : By buying elsewhere here is what it cost you if you go for your sevice further away

A) The gaz to go there

B) the time you will loose

C) plus all the troubles ( lunch for the kids , traffic , waiting over there !)

D) lost of work why do i say that well service ain’t open on week end and we all work !!!!!

So here is what to say to close him that is true : For the price i will be close ! so what is your ideal budget !



Benny and the jets !!!!


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