Do you get angry if you don t get the sale ? ( motivation) Part 1

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In my 20 year of experience i ve learned one thing !! We all want the sale and a good salesman  will always want to be perfect !! It s not possible !! Here is why sometimes you don t get the sale !!that is true and very simple to understand !!

A) You don t always have it in stock ( what he wants !! ) and he needs it now !!

B) Its not his or her colour !

C) It didn t click in his head ( i am like that if i like but there something missing i won t buy ) !

D)  It s  not the right time he is looking but in his or her mind it is not before spring exemple !!

E) he does n t know what  he wants  !!

F) He is just browsing not serious at all !!

So the lesson here is you can always win , just ask the correct questions and follow the 5 steps of sales that i learned you !! Stay sharp !!


From : Beny and the jets

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