Do you know how to create a sell ? ( motivation )Part 1

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Hi welcome to another motivation tip !!

In all good salesman lies a mind control power  that you can  use . As we all know the mind is strong and can create almost anything !! Here is what you got to do to use this tool !!

A) If it is a hard client you got to take it as a challenge !! it will give you guts and the will to succed ! I love a good challenge it gets my blood pumping and your co – workers and your boss will say he is gooood !

B) You got to see it happen ( in your mind !) That is call positive energy  !

C)  prepare your stategy base on the type of client and close him ! (  use my speed seeling in 10 min thechnics )

Be sharp and be the best there is !!!

M( aking )T(oday ) G(reat)D(ay )

From : benny and thes jets !!

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