Do you know how to live ? ( Motivation !)

Sunday, April 17, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I know it is not our favorite subject but this will be brief !! To be a great salesman you got to be  happy outside your job life , live it up !! be true to yourself  ( let me explain ! ) When you feel the need  to have  fun  just do it , but don t go crazy like i always say why because the best do it with class !! Here are the 3 golden rules !

A) Find something to clear your mind ( each morning i go training ) why sound body with a sound mind !!we all know what we like so do it !

B) the key to happiness is not !!! (being rich  or power )it  would help you to have material things !! but materialthings will makes you happy temporarely !! me i m happy drinking a kick ass bottle of wine or just walking in the woods on a beatifull day !! Sound corny try it good for the brain and body and does nt cost nothing !! 

C) Bring fun to the work place , people at my job says that im a litle crazy so , sometimes i make a fool of myself but you know i make poeple laught  and i feel good about it !!! If i feel good I SELL MORE GET IT !!!!

So lesson here here in everything you do live it up do arrived at 60 witrh regrets because life is fun and so short !!!if you don t stop once in while you will miss it !!!


From: Beny and the jets !!

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