Do you know the art of negociating ? ( part 1 )

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

As i showed  you trought all my chronicles sales can be easy  and fun !! Well this is one part you can leave out !! yes i am talking of negociation ( this is part 1 ) Here are the 4 questions you got to ask to start it all !!

A) Ask him what will he need it  ? in other hand what is his goal ? for buying this model !! Why to give him waht he wants !!

B) Depending on what you are seeling !! here is the question : Do you have a trade in ??? ( this is where alot of people  lose all the profit or just the sale !!

C) what is his budjet ? why because with out that anwer maybe you will be shot down !!

D) after he tells you questions 3 ask him when does he needs it ? why because he will tell you for how long he as been looking or you will know if he is just blowing time !

More to come in  part 2 ( stay sharp !!)


From :`Benny  and thes jets !!!

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