Does your boss changes his employees too much !

Friday, March 29, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

trailer clientThese days a lot ceo thinks that it is ok to change all the staff when things are not the way they want ! In 2013 this is a fatal mistake that will cost them sales and clients !W hat does clients want today and very important what do they desire ! here are the questions that you need to know !

Here is what they want !

A) The same face that they like when they come to your store ! ( to many changes will tell them that a boss can t keep is employees happy so they are leaving ! )

B) they want to feel like they are part of a family ! ( remember cheers the tv show ! ( the song said : you want to go where everybody knows your name !!!!! )

C) an experience team ! ( bad advice equals bad bisness )


So the lesson is pay your employees right and treat them with respect and you will keep you team ! don`t forget it always cost less a path on a back them a raise !!!!




Benny and the jets !!!!!


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