E-mail shoppers what to do ??? ( sales tips )

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

The question today is what to do with e- mail shoppers ???  Why do people shop by e- mail easy ! Here are some quick answers for you !

A) There are not serious yet  ,they just want to know  prices for now !!

B) He comes from too far away ad he wants some pricing before doing some road !!

C) Maye just maybe its your competition !!  under their personnal e- mail of course !

D) last but not lease never never  don ‘ t give them the best price straight foward !! ( no hunting pass read my other article on that if any questions ).

Here is an exemple of what you can writte to respond :

Dear Mr . or Mss Smith !!

Yes i ‘ ve got what you need in my inventory , but there are a few options and spec that can change the price of the unit your asking about . I can tell you this much the price range is between exemple : 4995 and 7000 dollars depending on what you wants for options . Please call me at my office and i will try to help you the best that i can !

have a great day !

Your name

your phone number and adress

Done !!! So the lesson here is no hunting pass and the clients got to meet you in person !!


From : Benny and the jets !!

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