Email shoppers ! Make them call you !

Friday, February 14, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

email vs social mediaHappy st – valentine everybody ! Here is a nice one for you ! In this wacky world there are many shoppers by e – mail . But what to do if they don t give you there number ! Here is what you can do !


A) on all ads put a kick ass price and only put your phone number ( ons your adds )!! ¬†( they won’ t have a choice but to call you ! )


B) if they ask what’ s the price on that model ! ( ask has many questions has you can ! They won ‘ t have a choice but to call because it will put jump their ¬†curiousity to know more before buying ! )


C) if they just say a price on that give the basic model no options ! ( the competition won’ t buy there word ! So they will keep there price up !!!!)


D) Keep the general information to a minimum ! ( write to learn more call us at this number !)


M.T.G.D ( making today a great day !)


Beny jets Gravel  !

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