How to call back a client ? ( important )

Thursday, March 31, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

todays chronicle is  a nice one ! Ok you met the clients because he came to see you !! But all that is good after that what ‘ s next !! Well here are easy tricks to call them back to to your important THE FOLLOW UP !!

A)  You talk to him on the phone and you sent him a quote what do you say ? here is what you say : hi my name is beny , i am calling you back to know if you have received my e-mail? NO hmmm well it was a the model right ?  He will be back to see you  and rethinking of what maybe he had forgot to ask you  !

B) You call him back after 2 weeks you say : hi just received what you ask me the other day in my lot !! when do you want to see it !! its awsome  ( if he is curious he will come down )

C) I just got a used one and its what you wanted  and its in great shape come and see it !!! hey Its the first time that a found a good luck at a great deal  like that  !! Trust me he will come flying in !!

D) Last but not the least the question mark !! Hi i was just calling you to know if i answered all you questions the last time ? Just a little follow up sir or miss !! ( he will say thank you for thinking about me ) or ( Yes i had 1 question to ask you now that you mention it !!

So be cool and do your follow ups !! 25 % of that are sells

M(aking ) . t( oday ) , G ( reat ) , D(ay )

From me : Beny and the jets !!!

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