Is internet killing your bisness !

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

competitionIn the years 2013 people clients shops a lot by internet ! But what is it doing to your bisness ! Today people will buy 3 hours away just to save 75 bucks . What you don t believe me ! Think  about the last thing you bought far away and why !

Here is what to do in order to get the clients to come and see you !

A) Have a great web site user friendly ! ( too hard people wont even bother !)

B) Always have a base model well design at a low price ! ( why without no lost leader they wont even come meet you ! )

C) Don t put all the info ! Let them call ! ( or they will only copy it and bring it to your competitor !)

D) Have a salesman that knows what they are talking about ! ( i always get mad if a salesman  feeds  me bad info !)

E) Give many prices on the phone so they don t have a choice but to come and meet you !


The lesson here is they got to come and meet you !!!! Make them come !




Benny and the jets !!!!



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