Is your Boss always firing his employees or himself !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

Me atthe Office In these day in age a boss is very demanding ! He will always ask an employee to do 20 jobs a the same time ! But after that an employee says to him : you should do it that  way and you will have greater results i think ! A boss will always want to do it his way ! But what do you do call a boss  that always fires employees for his decision !!!! For me that is called :  a boss firing himself  !

But how can you protect yourself from that !

A) take notes of every meeting with your advice ! ( date ,  hour and the subject )

B) Remind him after his decision that it is his decision ! ( say :  so you want me to do this like that  right ! just remember that you wanted it this way ok , after you smile !)

C) Remind him your suggestion another time ! ( Maybe it will pass better the 2 time arround ! )


So the lesson here is back your back ! Be sharp and aware of all his decisions !




Benny and the jets !!!!





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