Merry Christmas !! (what is important ! )

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas !!!  And wanted to tell you all what i tought is important for this time of year .

A) its about doing fun stuff don ‘ t be affraid to go all out ( yesterday i went and saw santa at shopping mall people laught there head off ! ( don ‘ t forget you can be a king or a queen of sales but you must be liked  and be the center of attention to get notice ! )

B) its about family this is the only time a maybe see my brother so its important !

C) If you want to buy a gift don ‘ t have to buy a thousand one will do but well tough of !

D) Don ‘ t eat to much because you don ‘ t want a heartake loll !

Again from GD Merry Chrismas and thanks for your support of this website !!

Benny and the jets !!

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