The client of 2013 !!! Are you ready !

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

clientThere has been big changes in 2013 !!!! People salary has not increase and everything else has in a big way !!! So i promise you it will be more difficult to sell ! but you are telling yourself right now why is he saying that ! Well here is the big four reason !

A) People will shop for the best prices , after they will see witch is the better quality ! ( Yes  price it matters because the competition is getting better and harder and are more hungry  ! )

B)  Financing with the best possible rate ! People has big ego ! they will never say that they don ‘ t have the money or short in income ! so they will always ask you : do you finance ! and how much is the rate !

C) Service and warranty ! Not only do they want the best price but they want a warranty that is gold ! But why is that Simple : Has you know most people life above what they are  making ! So they buy expensive toys but has no money to repair them !

D) Information ! ( they want to know so you got to play teacher ! but teach them well because since internet exist more people read before going to a salesman ! if you are feeding them bull they will know and you will loose your credibility !)

So the lesson is they want more for less money and you got to be sharp has a tack !



Benny and the jets !!!!

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