The difference between bonus and commission pay check ! ( For the managers )

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

sales-hookThese day and age most of all the sales job are paid by commission ! I do not believe that it is a good idea not today ! Bosses of today uses that form of pay check because they say :  all salesmans are going to work harder and faster ! But what if the commision of the salesman becomes a survival commission then the salesman gets less and less willing  to work as a team ! Here are the positive and negative of both sides !

Commission : equal  =  low based salary plus 15 percent commission !

Positive : A ) it will push the salesman to work harder

That is it !!!!!!!

Negative : A ) salesman will work alone with out helping no one but himself

B ) Will alway be fights between 2 salesman that saw the same client = bad atmoshere !!!!!!

C ) if base salary too low ! if there are no clients will do nothing else that is not in is job description  ( why should he he is not paid to clean the place up or to wash cars )

D ) you will loses the good one for a competitior that pays more the first chance he gets ! ( after you go to train a new guy ! wow that is profitable ! )

E )  He will get less confident and be uptight ! ( that is called a survival paycheck ) clients will feel him pushing for the sale and thinking only of his pocket !!!!!!


Bonus : equals = higher salary  plus a bonus that will motivate him 100 times more !


Positive : A) Will help the team sale more ! why he wants that bonus thats why !

B) since he is better paid he can concentrate on sales not on survival !!!! ( can ‘ t be at your best if you can ‘ t eat right !!!! )

C ) Better atmoshere in the place !

D ) He will do on the side work ! ( that is not in his job description )

negative : A) if he is lazy will push less on sales ! ( if so you fire is lazy ass ! that your boss as a sales manager period ! )


So this is what i feel the future as to go on  since there are less good salesman on this earth !


M.T.G.D ( Making today great day )


Benny and the jets !!!





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