The keys to a successfull salesman ( part 2 )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

These days all salesman looses a deal once in while because of one thing !!!  ( Don’ t mix parts and sales !!!!!! ) Why you say ? simple you got t close the deal  on the base models ! a lot of bisness  are hungry will sell there parts cheaper in order to sell more .

Well don’ t get in that game !! Take control of the game !!

A) convince  the client to negociate with out any options !! Why in order to get the best deal !Most garages will give you better price on parts and the total will be less than another that keeps 45 percent profit !!

So the lesson here is tell your clients that parts and sales are different department and negociate on pricing !!

My bisness says to you : M(aking ) T(oday ) G(reat ) D(ay) !!!!

Beny an d the jets !!!

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