What is your boss motivational incentive !

Friday, March 7, 2014
posted by Benoit Gravel

Hi everybody ! So we are in march bisness will pick up ! Question ! What kind of motivational incentice your boss often use on you and your co – workers !motivation-sign1

They are 3 kinds of incentives use !

A) Fear : this is often use with catch phrase that play with the mind !

– the direct  in your face : if your numbers are not up your fired ! ( not a good one )

– the indirect one : sales are down !  Maybe they will be some layoff ! ( same as the other but less direct )

– don’t forget the classic : This is your last chance !

Never forget one thing ! if you are at the same place for 2 years and up this is just to kick your ass not fire you !


B)  Competition : in every bisness often the boss as many location and will use these lines on you  !

– the direct in your face : They are less experience than you and beating your ass blind !

– the  indirect one : i don’ t understand they are less than you plus less experience and have better numbers look at this and tell me why !

Never forget he is using the same line for all his location ! even if it is not true !


C) Path on the back : sadly the one that is not used enough because in their minds if they tell you it will cost them a bonus  !

– direct in your face : continue on ! good job !

– the indirect one : take a day off you deserve it !

Never forget this is not used enough ! it is up to you to tell him that you like that , tell him  about team work and work atmosphere maybe he will use it more !


Ps : Don’ t forget most boss will tell you you are not good enough !but most of them can not do half of all your sales because they are just good in numbers and paperwork ! Funny is ‘nt it !




Benny and the jets !



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