what did you do for yourself lately!! ( motivation )

Friday, February 18, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

We all know that motivation comes from the heart !!! I have a question for all of you ? what do you love to do or get to please yourself ? hmm good question that most people don t think of !!! I got to tell you if you don t know the answer  is not good .

I am a sales manager of a small bisness i started from scratch after 3 years my growth is about 2 500 000 of sales  for a boss who ad the cash and he hired me to do so ! but what next ?

well i started this ,  plus  i get myself every two weeks a nice bottle of wine at 43 dollars a pop plus. I love go to the gym its a good thechnic for getting peace of mind . 

My point is if you work all the time and don t give yourself a break or gift that you love how can you perform ? you will go crazy , so say to yourself i deserve this why because i earned it !!!!

what do i believe in ? i believe in you all so go for it and don t forget yourself !!!

Beny and the jets !!  



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