What is your perception !

Saturday, March 24, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

In sales or any other situations in life everything is always a matter of perception !But how your mind reacts and how you see it will determine the result in the end .

I told a fellow salesman today how can you sell it if you think its too expensive ! he asked me after  ! How can i change my  perception in sales on stuff i don’ t believe in  !

A) Regroup all the same models that are in  the same category and check all the prices . ( to know what you are up againts !)

B) Do a role playing game ( put yourself in the clients place and tell yourself how would i react to this unit !)

C) put all the advantage of this unit versus a regular one on a piece of paper and read it after carefully !! ( this is what you need to tell the clients in order to sell the unit )

D) Put a value money wise on all the options ! ( this will explain the difference of the price at the end of the doted line !  )

So lesson today is everything as  a price do some reserch and try to understand after change your perception !

Quote of the day : i don’ t ask for the impossible in life ! all i want is what is mine !    ( benny and the jets ! )




Benny and the jets !!!!

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