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What kind of General manager are you ! ( a lion or a teddy bear )

Thursday, April 25, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

Perception1I have encounter many general managers  in my life ! Boy some were puppets that was waiting for answer and directive from upper management and some took matters in their own hands ! But witch one are you ! There are 2 choices a lion or a teddy bear !

Situation upper management are making bad choices on top bad choices they hire you to clean the place up !  they give you no leverage what so ever !!!  

Here are the major differences between both !


Lion : – makes clean cut decisions and stands by them what ever the consequences !

             – Has respect from the president because he knows hats he is doing  !

             – Always fights for good employees  when needed !

             – He keeps an atmosphere of work pleasant and gives pats on backs to thanks employees !


Teddy bear : – waits for decision from upper management never takes initiative of his own not to unplease upper management !

                           - Says to employees after a decision its me who took this decision to try to get respect from employees ! 

                           - always gets pass thru a grinder by upper management for their bad decisions !

                          -  He his always in a ejection seat !

                         -  Never fights for his employees in front of the boss ! but after the president is gone says he did !


So the lesson here is do your job show and get the  respect that you deserve !




Benny and the jets !


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