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Why not choose who your up againts !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In all bisness their is competition !!! It is good and bad at the same time , it will make you much better salesman and people are gonna shop arround .

Why not choose who your up againts ! But how should you do it ! Here is the way i would do it,  if  i was in your shoes .

A) Take the 2 other compagny  that has the worse price but sells a lot anyways and that you know more about their product .

B) when your client s enters tell them about your product and prices and compare yourself to them ( they will take note of who your talking about and see them ) .

C) give them a kick ass price and they will return to buy from you !since you have the right price !

So the lesson here is choose your competition wisely  !!


Benny and the jets !!!

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