Aspartame to loose weight ? not a good idea !

Thursday, January 12, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Hi these days aspartame or fructose and cie  is replacing real sugar in food that has less calories or no fat at all  ! ( well they say of course ! )

But there is one down side to aspartame ! did you know that  aspartame has less calories but makes you eat more !!! Yup  !what it does it gives you more rages of sugar that equals you eat much more !

The only sugar that is less damaging is splenda most diabetic uses it and it works  great !

Here are what you can use has substitute and will give you real energy !

A) maple sirup ( always good but don ‘ t abuse )

B) honey ( great and very used in cereal ,cookies etc.. * no wonder ! )

C) brown sugar  

So watch out its your body and you don ‘ t need  a sugar crash eat right !


Benny and the jets !!!

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