Do you know the secret of youth !

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Yes i know the secret witch compagny ‘ s doesn’ t tell you ! It is very simple to understand and you will read here for the first time . Because gd does there homework !

Here are the tips that combined together  equal to the fountain of youth !

A) Your body is a machine eating always junk food  and it will run badly and you will have more and more fat that block the blood flow !

B) try to sleep at least 8 hours ! ( you will have more concentration and better energy during the day !)

C) take care of your skin ! ( wash it 3 times a day a cream it !)

D) train 3 to 4 times a week ! ( better your shape younger you will look !)

E) get some sunlight ! ( vitamine D) and fresh air ( lungs will work better ! )

F) reduce your stress at all cost !! ( now that is where those gray hair comes from ! )

G) and last but not least ( your mind controles your body !you can ‘ t stop the aging process but you can slow it down like helll !!!

I always say to all at 50 i will look the same ! and i know it  ! last week end i had to show my cards in a casino ! i’ m 36 i said are you joking to the security gard ! best compliment ever !

So here is the secret said for the first time that no one told you ! Just the best for gd ‘ s follower ‘ s !


Benny and the jets !!!!

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