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Saturday, December 17, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In these day and age training as been left out a lot of the equation !!! But i beleive in a sound mind with a sound body ! Today i will be speaking to you about circuit training .

Here is what to do if like me you don t have the time to work out all day ! This will take you 45 to 55 min to do !

To make this work you start follow these steps ( 1 muscle per day )

A)  if you do a  set of bicep you do 10 reps not more using the ( 1-2-3 ) thechnic

B) right after you go and do 12 reps of abs

C) after 20 secondes of jump rope  intense !! if you have trouble at first don’ t worry it took me 6 month to get the hang of it !

D ) relax 30 secondes and start it back from the beginning  !

Simple and easy this will take you 55 min at the most  plus after 3 month your cardio and abs and endurance will be off the charts !!!

Stay in shape  and eat well !

Beny and the jets !!!!!

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