Sugar before training is bad ! but why

Friday, January 6, 2012
posted by Benoit Gravel

Happy new year ! This first one of the year 2012 is about sugar before training or if you like eating a big meal just before going !!

Here is why people eats  before going !

A) they think it will give them energy for their training  

B) build up strenght !

C) they will be less tired

Wrong ,wrong and still wrong !!!!!

There is only one truth and here it is !  Your stomach will start digesting the sugar or what you ate all the blood will  be used for the digestion !

You will be more tired since after a meal we are always more lazy !

Here is what i suggest !

A) in the morning  oatmeal is always great before with a pre workout supplement !

B) for the rest of the day fruits ,yogurts are great way to have juice before your sessions!

So remember more blood in your muscle better is the pump so don’ t send it all in your stomach  !


Benny and the jets !!!

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